Helicopters face unique exposures, so if the benefits of your commercial helicopter insurance are something of a grey area, then talk to us.

At Sydney Charles, our philosophy is to develop products that enhance cover, reduce premiums or, ideally, do both.

We offer comprehensive cover and highly competitive premiums on hulls and liabilities with:

• FREE Vehicle Airside Liability

• FREE 24/7 Emergency helpline

• FREE Betterment, to match your existing scheme.

but uniquely we also offer:

• FREE Sudden and Accidental Pollution cover

and the option to purchase:

• Hull Deductible Insurance

For more information on how we can improve your cover and reduce your premiums, please fill out our tailored enquiry form and one of our expert team members will get back to you.

ALL of our aviation insurance polices also include:

FREE 24/7 Emergency Helpline

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    Why choose Sydney Charles?

    Sydney Charles are able to offer insurance for all types of general aviation clients and can provide exclusive access to bespoke insurance facilities.

    Excellent coverage

    Whether you are insuring an individual private aircraft, helicopter, or a commercial fleet, we can ensure that you are covered. Our independent status allows us access to a wide range of aircraft insurance plans.

    Better cover, for less

    Sydney Charles have exclusive aviation insurance facilities which can not be accessed by any other broker. The Insurance facilities offer comprehensive coverage for all types of aircraft at competitive premiums.

    Worldwide cover

    Our established, trusted and highly regarded worldwide network enables us to provide aviation insurance clients in Europe with superior worldwide coverage, competitive rates and excellent customer service.